Your classic car needs what it needs to keep it in good shape. This is why we do not offer a menu or fixed price servicing. Every car has its history, and although it most probably has been well taken care of, some obvious aspects might have been ignored or overlooked. When we come over to your home garage or storage space to service your car, we give it a thorough inspection first so that we can service it accordingly and make it as reliable as it should be.

If more service work is required than expected, we will provide a detailed estimate of what needs to be carried out beforehand. This way you can easily keep track of what needs to be done, starting with the most urgent repairs to the lesser details that can be taken care of later on.

The used parts that have been decommissioned will be kept until you authorize their discard, and upon delivery we shall test drive the car with you.

Our detailed invoices are to be preciously kept, as they will build up to become an accurate history of the work that has been carried out on your car. They are irrefutable proof that your car has been lovingly taken care of, and will be a valuable asset when you decide to part with it.


If you are looking for a good investment or a car to enjoy on the road or on track, we will search, find and negotiate the vehicle of your choice. If you are unsure about a vehicle you have already found, we will gladly inspect it with you to make sure that you are making the right decision.

On the other hand, if you wish to part with your present ride to move onto something else, we can find a customer who will be happy to continue loving it the way you used to. All the formalities will be taken care of, and all you will have to do is hand over the keys and documents after receiving full payment.


If you are tired of seeing your car covered in swirls, small scratches and dents, we can detail it to the highest standards. Hi tech equipment, products and know-how will revive your pride and joy to a level of beauty you have never yet witnessed.

This service applies to your classic car or bike, as well as to your daily commuter. Subscriptions are available by application.

Automotive art

We have an array of attractive items, such as polished engine block coffee tables, crankshaft, cylinder head or turbo lamps, and comfortable leather seat sofas to make your passion a part of your living quarters. Most artifacts are custom made to your requirements, and we will be glad to review your project with you and turn it into reality.

Please call +32 486 549 826 or email for more information.

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