SOLD Mercedes-Benz SL 500 (1991)

Watch Part I of this car’s review: Startup, idle and walk-around.

This elegant demonstration of German engineering was designed by Bruno Sacco and his team.

This is a 1991 Mercedes-Benz SL 500. One of about 80 000 units in this form, out of a total 213 089 ever produced. A car aimed towards the sophisticated, successful business owner of the early nineties. Even Princess Diana owned one for a couple of years! This obviously sparked quite a controversy, and in the end, the Princess was obliged to turn it in. That particular car now resides in the Mercedes-Benz museum, in Stuttgart…
Back on track, our SL 500 comes fully equipped with all the new gizmo’s and gadgets you could expect from a high-end convertible of that day. You name it, it has it! Absolutely everything is electrically adjustable. Seats, steering column, mirrors… 3 different positions can be memorised, according to who is driving. It has a sophisticated « climate control », where everything is fully automatic.

Everything is electric, adjustable, and at the tip of your fingers.

The optional « Logic 7 surround sound » system was developed by Harman Kardon, if ever you get tired of listening to the low rumbling of that powerful V8 (very unlikely, but you never know). You can even stack your audio-cassettes in the neat compartment, concealed in the center console. Now is the time to fetch that crate in the attic, full of your favourite 80’s soundtracks. A 10 CD changer is present in the boot, however, the loading tray appears to be missing.
It is heavy, but it can still whoop the backside of many a car in its category. It covers the 0 to 100 km/h in just over 6 seconds, despite a curb weight of 1.8 ton! It has 326 horses to lay down on the tarmac, and a whopping 479 Nm of torque. Opening of the intake valves is variable (high-tech stuff, in the early nineties!), and this power plant is more powerful than the later, facelift versions.

This is where the magic happens


You can also comfortably cruise about with the top down, and enjoy the burble of that massive M119 power plant (5 liter V8, quad-cam, 32 valve). In a way, this is what the car was designed to do, so stick the gear lever in D, set the cruise-control to an appropriate speed, and be on your way in style.



A lot of thought has gone into drawing that rear end

The adaptive hydraulic suspension reacts according to your driving style, the load of the car, and the state of the road you are on. A useful feature here in Belgium, I am sure you will agree. Upon the flick of a switch, you can set the suspension in sort of a « sport mode », which makes it more firm, and reduces roll during cornering.
This highly effective optional equipment is what opened the path for the adaptive suspension systems, fitted to current-day cars.
Rear suspension is a sophisticated 5 arm multi-link setup, permitting highly accurate anti-lift, anti-squat and alignment control. Quite a leap forward, compared to its predecessor, the R107. Do not be mistaken, this SL500 still handles like a barge. A very fast barge, mind you.

This comely face is telling you to get out of the way… and to hand over your lunch money.

This convertible is a real treat, and prices are on a steady rise since the past 6 months. You can expect them to keep going up, so don’t wait too long before snapping up this sound example! Comes with the factory-delivered, colour coded hard top. It has only covered 114k kms, so it is barely run-in.
Although little is known about its service history, you can tell that it has been properly looked after by its two careful owners: there are a few Mercedes-Benz service tags, here and there, and it is exceptionally clean inside and out.
We do know for sure that it was bought new by a retired lawyer, who kept it until 2010. The current owner bought it in 2011, from a Mercedes-Benz dealership. We are in possession of that second bill of sale.

A close-up of what will most likely be seen by people trying to race you.

Qualifies for the « Oldtimer » license plate, in Brussels and Flanders at least.
It has been garaged it’s entire life.
326 bhp @ 5700 rpm
479Nm @3900 rpm
Everything works marvelously.
Drives beautifully well, and very easy to handle despite it’s size.
Delivered with its original hard top.
Pre-facelift model, with post-facelift front blinkers.
The only downside is that the passenger’s side quarter light is cracked. Not uncommon, and can be fixed by a skilled upholsterer.
Call +32486 549 826 now to book a viewing.
The car is located in Uccle.
18 900 € o.n.o

Lisez l’article que j’ai écrit à son égard:

Plaque O

Véhicule hautement équipé, avec un faible kilométrage. A dormi dans un garage toute sa vie.

Tout fonctionne à merveille

Démarre et se conduit magnifiquement bien. Equipée de suspension hydraulique, dont la dureté est modifiable en pressant un bouton.

Une des 80 000 unités produites dans sa forme SL 500.

Livrée avec son hard-top d’origine.

Modèle pré-facelift, montée de clignotants blancs (post-facelift)

Seul bémol: la lucarne arrière droit est cassée.

Appelez- +32486 549 826 pour prendre rendez-vous.

Voiture rangée à Uccle.

18 900€, ou offre sensible.

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