Porsche 911 detailing

There is nothing that beats a good detailing session after spending the entire winter in a garage…

This seventeen year old Porsche 911 came to me all dull and sad, and left with the sparkle and depth it had when new.

This one got the « full option » treatment:

- Full body decontamination, including wheel arches, three step machine polish and carnauba wax applied by hand.

- Wheel removal to access brake calipers and rims

- Fabric roof decontamination and hydrophobic treatment, lubrication of all pivot points included

- Leather upholstery « clean and cream ».

I had forgotten that literally everything in this car is covered in leather. Door cards, dashboard and all.

The owner called me soon after I delivered his finished car, to tell me that his friends thought he had bought another one! Now that’s what I like to hear!

If you would like to make your car benefit from this service, call +32486 549 826 now and get a quote!


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