Presenting: the McEvoy #2

This epic build came a long way. From an oversized, overweight K100, Geoffrey McEvoy set off to build his own interpretation of what it should have looked like when it left the production lines. It has become the « McEvoy #2″.


Based on a K100 RT from 1985, this beast of a bike has given us the inspiration to make something muscular yet nimble. Totally the opposite of the beefy tourer it used to be.

A good 50 to 60 kilos of superfluous material was discarded, only to leave the bare essentials. After taking it completely apart (the engine still looked massive all alone, in the middle of the workshop), it has been carefuly rebuilt.

All the parts have been reconditioned (cleaned and sandblasted, cleaned again and painted), and those that needed replacing have been taken care of. All the engine, gearbox and final drive seals, for example, have been renewed. A new clutch, progressive fork springs and all the bearings have been changed as well. Front brakes have been upgraded with braided lines, a new master cylinder and taylor-made braided hose to fit the rear.

All the electrics are tucked away under the seat, in a custom-made aluminium tray. It is a tight fit, but it is all there.


The polished aluminium tank was a bit of a headache, as it had been repainted in five different colours before it rolled into our workshop. It was originally burgundy red, before goint to a sparkling metallic blue. After that, it was painted white, then black, and finally a metallic grey. You wouldn’t believe the time that has been spent to get it to shine like it does today. Phew!

All in all, it has become a very unique piece of Bavarian machinery, and it will be ready to storm the streets once again…

This build took just under 300 man hours to complete.

I would like to thank all the people involved with this project, especialy professional photograph Thomas François for his sublime shots, Ben Kingham from BSK Speedworks for the beautiful rear sets,  and David Noël for a quick hand on the graphic designs.

Any further modification to customer specification is of course possible, at an extra cost.

Would you like me to build one for you? I would be glad to do so. Please call to tell me about your project!

Geoffrey McEvoy +32(0)486/549.826

Graphic design by David Noël

Photographic credits go to Thomas François

Find the rearsets here


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  • Marcel Somers

    I’ve seen the Bike today, at the interclassics Brussels. And had a pleasant chat. Hope t encouter you guys at the next fair. By the way loved the bike. Very Nice details.

    Greetings Marcel the Honda 360 guy

  • McEvoy

    Thank you for the kind words, Marcel. It was great to make your acquaintance, and I am certain that we will meet again. Kindest regards.

  • laurent prunier

    very nice bike Geoff well done! a question though: would it technically be possible to replace the current seat by one accomodating 2 persons?

  • McEvoy

    Dear Laurent,

    It would be possible to do so, indeed. I would be glad to provide it for you, if you are still interested. Kindest regards.

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